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Western Union Tutorial
If you want to pay by Western Union you can.
There is a minimum of a $50.00 order for Western Union.
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Send money to:
, Miami, Florida
Tel: 305-858-7766
After you have send the money to thru Western Union:
You must get back to us with the information
below so we can pick up the Money Transfer.
You can E-Mail us or Call us with the information.
1: Tell us you sent the money to in Miami, Florida
2: Tell us your Name exactly as it is written on the Western Union form
3: Tell us your City and Country the money is sent from
4: Tell us the Western Union 10-digit Money Transfer Control Number
5: Tell us the exact amount: $50.00, $69.00, or $99.00
6: Do not use a test question that is offered on the Western Union form
Once we have payment, we will E-Mail you all the addresses you have ordered.
That is it. It is pretty simple!
Thank you,