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The LatinEuro Dating Difference:
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LatinEuro is an American Company
LatinEuro is an American Company
We are located in Miami, Florida, USA
Got a question? Call us @ 1-305-858-7766
If a dating site does not tell you where they're located, they are hiding in a foreign country.
Latin Dating
You can get a member's phone number. Pick up the phone. Give them a call. Say Hi.
  Beautiful Brazil girls
We have the most beautiful members.
Brazil Dating
You get the member's own personal contact info, not an anonymous screen name login on some huge server.
  Dominican girls
28 years in business and thousands of happy clients. Why? We work at it, and we want our clients to be successful. If you need help, there is a live person here. Give us a call.
LatinEuro Dating
LatinEuro is a smaller, personalized agency. Our concept is that it is easier to meet someone at a cocktail party than a stadium.
  Latin girls
We are a famous agency. We add new members everyday.
(only those members who say the word Telephone or Email listed in their bios have one)

Why use the LatinEuro Dating Social Network?
Talk on the Phone to someone right now
Talk on the Phone to someone right now 
With LatinEuro, you can get a member's personal  phone number. Pick up the phone. Give them a call. Say Hi.
It's immediate communication, and you can be talking to someone in 1 minute.
Getting a personal phone number confirms that the member is a real person, and not a fake like you can get on other sites.
Dating is not a science, but more of an art. Having the ability to communicate on their home/cell phone or home email is much more credible than winking at someone thru a big anonymous server.
50,000 Happy Relationships and Counting
50,000 Happy Relationships & Counting 
LatinEuro.com is a pioneer in Dating and Social Networking. We started in 1989 and in one way or another many dating sites have copied us. As an American and International dating site, we have foreshadowed the global social community that we now live in today. Our concept back then was that it has not neccessary to date people in your hometown. Now social networking and dating sites are a global internet juggernaut ushering in the greatest social change since the industrial revolution. At any given moment, there can be up to a billion people talking, chatting, tweeting, camming, winking, and emailing one another from all over the world.
We are the Latin and Caribbean Experts
We are the Latin Dating & Caribbean Dating Experts 
For the past 28 years we have been based in the capital of the Americas: Miami, Florida. We are an American company based in the United States. Yet we know Latin culture. Miami is a Latin and Caribbean city. This gives us special insight and knowledge into many of the people who are on our site. Other websites just post profiles and have no knowledge of their member's backgrounds or culture, and most likely are not even American companies. With Latin America and Caribbean culture, we know what we are talking about. You got a question? Call us. We will have an answer. The right answer. Call us here in Miami, Florida at 1-305-858-7766.
Safety is our Number 1 concern
Safety is our # 1 concern at LatinEuro.com 
Education is the best way to protect yourself. 99.9% of the people - are nice, sincere and genuine. Whether you meet in a bar, club, at the beach, newspaper ad or online, there is always a possibility, that the person you are dealing with may not be who they pretend to be or may act in a way which is not acceptable. Your safety is the upmost concern to us. That is why we are presenting an extensive and comprehensive list of ideas, things to do, phone numbers, and help agencies to call in the rare event that any issue will ever arise. We are listing more things than most dating services because we feel that education is the best way to protect yourself, whether you a woman or a man. Click here to get an extensive list of phone numbers and websites concerning safe dating. Or, if you have a safety question or concern, just call us at 1-305-858-7766, we're here to help.
Small in Dating is Better
Small in Dating is Better
Join a dating site that has millions of members and you can have a million members contacting your girl or guy.
On a large dating site, photogenic people can get a ton of hits. On LatinEuro, the average person gets around 1 to 5 hits. LatinEuro is smaller, yet compact with photogenic members. we are a more personalized dating social network. You'll have better luck here!
28 years
28 Years in Business has taught us a lot
Honesty and good customer service is the foundation to building good relationships with our members. We are not perfect, but we do our best, and hopefully it will result in a love connection for you. It's important to understand that dating is a process. Dating is not like going into a store and buying a product off the shelf. It's inter-personal relationships. It's more art than science. It's emotional and not rational. It's not predictable, it's serendipitous. 28 years in business with thousands of happy clients. Why? We work at it, and we want our clients to be successful. If you need help, there is a live person here. Give us a call at 1-305-858-7766.
Upfront Prices
Upfront Pricing
Our prices are clearly stated on every detail page. One low price and then members can contact each other as much as they want. We have no surprises.
No tricks to lure in customers.
No recurring billing.
"credits" that charges you a fee every time you talk to a member that's misleading and extremely expensive.
No over-pushy or sales gimmicks.
No over-priced sales on virtual gifts (a waste of money) or flower or gift delivery offers.
No over-promising on a customers expectations.
No deception on where our office is located: we are in Miami, Florida, USA and not hiding in some 3rd world country. How can you trust a company if they're not honest in telling you where they are located?
No over use of the word FREE.
Dating Agencies that over use the word FREE FREE FREE are being disingenious. It is a trap to charge you money. It is a trick to get you to pay. Why not just come out and post your prices on every page?
We post our prices on every page and we let the customer decide if and when he wants to pay. We are straightforward about this and that is why we have a very high repeat customer base for 28 years, and why we are highly respected in the dating industry.
Dating is like throwing Darts
Dating is like throwing Darts
Dating and love are illogical. They depend on a mix of luck, fate, and skill. So don't try to figure it out. The only thing you can do is to get in the game. We at LatinEuro.com have used the analogy of dating as a dartboard for many years now. We feel that is an honest way to communicate our services and expectations that customers may have. If you purchase one address on LatinEuro.com, it's possible that your purchase will be the dart that goes into the bulls-eye and leads to a romantic relationship and perhaps more. In most cases, people have to throw many darts to get their bulls-eye. However, if you keep tossing darts, you will get your bulls-eye. Thousands of people have had successful relationships on LatinEuro.com, but not all of them have come immediately. That's why we emphasize that love is a process.
Womens Center
Women's Center
The safety and respect for women is our utmost concern. We have compiled an extensive list of phone numbers, websites, and resources to assist women. Click here.

La sécurité et le respect pour les femmes est notre plus grande préoccupation. Nous avons compilé une liste complète des numéros de téléphone, sites Web, et des ressources pour aider les femmes. Cliquez ici.

A segurança e respeito para as mulheres é a nossa maior preocupação. Reunimos uma extensa lista de números de telefone, sites e recursos para ajudar as mulheres. Clique aqui.

La seguridad y respeto a la mujer es nuestra mayor preocupación. Hemos recopilado una extensa lista de números telefónicos, sitios web y recursos para ayudar a las mujeres. Haga clic aquí.
No Scammers
Do not give money to anyone, anytime, under any condition, Ever !!! Ever!!!!
The explosion of the Internet with over 1.7 billion users has created a new threat: scammers. All of us are targets.
LatinEuro has proactive Anti-Scammer technologies at work; additionally, our staffers go over every profile personally, but no system is ever perfect.

One simple way to protect yourself: Don't give money to anyone ever.
Questions & Answers, Help, Assistance .....
Click here for additional questions you may have....

LatinEuro is an IMBRA-exempt Social Network
LatinEuro, an American company .....
We have been located in Miami, Florida for the past 28 years. Got a question? Call us at 1.305.858.7766.
If a dating site does not tell you where they're located, they are hiding in a foreign country.
Using your credit card on sites that are listed in foreign countries is not as safe as the USA.
Always check to find out where the actual physical location of the company is. If they are hiding their physical location,
that means they do not want to tell you where they are located and that creates potential trust and credibility issues.
USA based companies have greater trust and responsibility.

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About LatinEuro
About the Members
How it Works
Language Issues

LatinEuro.com is an Ethic, Latin, Black, and White dating and personals site that helps people to find friendship, romance, and relationships with people from around the world.

You can use our Ethnic dating service to search through the thousands of Ethnic personals and Ethnic chat rooms to find Ethnic singles seeking marriage or Ethnic people seeking friendship or penpals.

LatinEuro has been featured in:    
  • Discovery Channel
  • AnaMaria
  • Associated Press
  • Claudia
  • Nova
  • NPR
  • Veja Sao Paulo
  • Globo TV
  • Marie Claire
  • Sally Jesse Rafael
  • Cristina Show
  • CBS
  • Telemundo
  • Voice of America
  • Veja
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LatinEuro has been in business for 28 years, since 1989. We have been featured on the Discovery Channel, Sally Jesse Rafael, Cristina CBS, Globo TV, Voice of America, National Public Radio, Telemundo TV, Marie Claire & more.  We have been doing this before the internet existed.

About LatinEuro
LatinEuro has been in business since 1987. We are a pioneer. We have been featured on the Discovery Channel, Sally Jesse Rafael, Cristina CBS, Globo TV, Voice of America, National Public Radio, Telemundo TV, Marie Claire & more. We are based in downtown Miami, FL.
How it Works
We are a International Dating Agency. Our members have joined the Agency to find a someone for dating, friendship, love, marriage, etc. All we do is provide their contact information so you can say "Hi" to them. You do the rest. It's correspondence. It's dating. LatinEuro has thousands of beautiful members from Brazil, Colombia, the Domincan Republic, Latin America, the Carribean, and Africa. Most of the members live in their own country, but don't let that stop you from finding someone special.
Language Issues
Most of the members speak Spanish or Portuguese, perhaps a little English. Their Bio will indicate if they speak English. It is very easy for them to learn English. It helps if you speak their language a bit, but don't worry. We have Web-based translation software and Live Translation Services available if you prefer. But don't worry, just call the members and say hello, Ola, Oy. You both will laugh and you'll have fun.
The Info available for the member
Each member's detail page includes the member's age, height, country, bio, and the member's contact info. If it says Email, Phone, Snail Mail, she has what is listed. If you order the member's info, you will receive the member's contact info. Their Bio will indicate if they speak English. You will be able to see all of the member's full size photos, the City they live in, a Map showing the member's City and area, and a new Translation Software link. You will also have your My Account page available online at all times to view your orders and order history.
Do we do Tours?
No, no Tours. If you want, travel to the member's country by yourself and have an adventure.
Your Privacy
We use secure servers and protect your privacy 100%. Nothing will ever be sent to your home address. We email your order to you.
Order over time
Order all at once
45 Contacts
200 Contacts

Member's Letters:   $5.00 each
A letter is only available if it shows the "Letter" option
under "Add to Cart" on the member's detail page.
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Using the Site
Browse all you want, look at the members. If you are interested in one or more members, click "Add to Cart" and then checkout with your credit card. It's easy, private, & secure.
Advanced Search
Click Advanced Search and you can search for a member by height, age, or the member's country.
Placing Orders Online
Browse all you want, look at the members. If you are interested in one or more members, click "Add to Cart" and then checkout with your credit card. It's easy. 100% secure and private.
Don't order members from 1st page only
Don't make the mistake of just ordering the members from the first page. Yes, those are the most recently added members, but the ones on page 10 or 100 or 500 are still available. And no one ever emails/calls/writes them.
***Don't order the most beautiful member on the site and think your work is done. You wouldn't go to a bar, hit on one member, the hottest person in the bar, and when they said no thanks, then go home. That doesn't make any sense. It's a numbers game.
Ordering members furtthe member's back in site
Don't make the mistake of just ordering from the first page. The members back on page 50 or 500 are still available, still alive, and no one writes them.
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Browse all you want, look at the members. If you are interested in one or more members, click "Add to Cart" and then checkout with your credit card. It's easy. 100% secure and private.