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Grand Slam
($0.99 each)

How to Order the $99.00 Package

Option 1:
Choose all 100 contacts in one Sitting:
See a Member you like? Add to Cart ... View Cart.
Keep adding to Cart until you have all 100 members in your Cart.
Check out and the member's information will pop up on the screen.
(Please note: to keep your Cart active, you must click on the site at least every 30 minutes or you could lose the members in your Cart. You cannot add some of the members in one sitting, and then the next day come back and add some more. You have to do all 100 contacts in one sitting.)

Option 2:
Take your time to assemble 100 Contacts.
First, you have to Register to Create your Profile (you do not have to upload your photo).
Now the site remembers your Cart for up to 1 week.
OK. How do I assemble 100 members?
It's easy. Each time you come back to the site, Log In, find the members you want, keep adding members to your Cart, when you get to 100, Checkout. After Checkout, all the member's info will popup on the screen.

Please note:
This is a one time charge. No re-billing.
You must select all the members you want at the time of Checkout.
You can not come back at another time and say I was short 10 members, can I have them now.
So, make sure you get all the members you want up to 100 and then Checkout.
You are not required to choose all 100.
But, if you only select 90 members at the time of checkout. It is still $99.00.
You can not come back at another time and request 20 more members.
Good luck on your romantic adventures!